The largest peroxide manufacturer in China,The third largest Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine (TAED) manufacturer in the world (one of four manufacturers in the world, the single producer in Asia)


       Specialized in the research, development, production and trade of oxygen-grouping bleaching auxiliary sodium percarbonate (SPC) and hydrogen peroxide working fluid 2-Ethylanthraquinone, Zhejiang Jinke Daily Chemical Material Co., Ltd is one of the major producers in the world for sodium percarbonate and 2-Ethylanthraquinone; at the same time, we are also a manufacturer and trader of TAED, TC, hydrogen peroxide and Perfluoro(2-methyl-3-pentanone). As a new environment-friendly fine chemical material, SPC, one of our leading products, is widely used as a new detergent auxiliary in daily cleaning field; it can also be used in environmental protection, printing and dyeing, papermaking, medical and other fields. 2-Ethylanthraquinone is mainly used for the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide as one of the main components of hydrogen peroxide working fluid.


Our company will adhere to the corporate spirit of “self-discipline and social commitment” and devote ourselves to providing high quality products for better life of people.


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